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Reading the works of Luisa Del Campana


— The colours used in the pictures are symbolic and those that might recall earth, vegetation, things or persons seen through the physical eyes, are never used.

— There is a deliberate research for a connection with a non-external vision of the world, and the proposal of a reading of the symbols that the several traditions and schools of thought have left us through the centuries to direct our sensibility towards the interior world, its struggles and the more or less conscious search for its determinant principles.

— The draperies and curtains framing many of the works are meant to suggest that what are represented are forces operating within the being.

— The use of drapes and curtains, suggesting that the scene is set in the interiority, is taken from the traditional sacred iconography.

— The subjects deliberately forgo measures, tridimensionality and classic perspective, in order to give of the whole an image of strong symbolic value, where the way of living and feeling is more important than the visual objectivity.

— Faces are seldom painted in detail, to accentuate the sense of universality.

— The symbols refer to themes which flourished in the Middle Ages, such as the Grailic literature, appearing at the time of the Knights Templar in France and Germany, Alchemy and its founding theory, Hermetism. Last but not least, they refer to a rich Christian symbolism, which in the Romanesque, Cistercian and Gothic periods marked fundamental milestones in the allegorizing of meanings of high spiritual value.

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