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  • uToPia between myth and science


    uToPia is like a creative space "still to be attained", 
    which unites historical art with the new.
    We are for Art that affirms the fundamental importance
    of form and colour as instruments of a symbolic language 
    to explore the depths of being.
    We are for Art that rediscovers the strength of the ethical 
    dimension and the origin and development of the individual.
    We are for Art that raises awareness of a profound 
    transformation which excites.

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  • Luisa Del Campana's works at the Academy AIMART

    Luisa Del Campana's works at the Academy AIMART decorate the new open spaces in Rome for Higher Education in Music and Performing Arts.

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  • Florence Design Week

    Creative Cities is the theme for the sixth edition of FLORENCE DESIGN WEEK - International Design Festival, scheduled for 27MAY to 31MAY 2015.

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  • TG 2: Professor Babiloni on research using EEG

    TG 2 report: Prof. Fabio Babiloni on research using EEG. March 20, 2013.

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Florence Design Week


Florence Design Week renews its Formats and creates new international routes, with the goal of creating an edition smart, in a virtuoso dialogue between cities that combine creativity, business, innovation, tradition and design the life of all.




Luisa Del Campana will be present at

Palazzo Borghese,

Via Ghibellina, 110

From 11:00am  to 01:00pm  and  from 05:00pm  to 07:00pm

27MAY to 31MAY 2015.


Special Finissage con Buffet 31 Maggio ore 17.00.


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Art for florence design 2015